Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Party?

Second full day at the lake.
I slept on the couch bed, which is actually very comfortable.
We had French toast for breakfast.
I continued to read my book until Peter arrived around 11.
He was invited to come, and bring some kids with him.
So he brought Joshua, Maria, and Gabrielle.
Soon after they got here we went out on the boat.
We just went tubing, but had a lot of fun.
First Joshua,
Who did a great job. He was fun to watch.
Then came Peter...
He was awesome! He was bumped off on a huge wave. It was pretty sweet.
After him Maria and I went...
But no one took a picture of us /:
After returning to the boat, we convinced Gabrielle to go.
She insisted she go with me though.
So we went...
Very slowly, but we went.
Gabrielle didn't want to go fast. She was too scared of falling off. So I told Mike, who was driving, to go slow. But when Gabrielle wasn't looking, I told him to speed it up... Yeah... We didn't last long. Gabrielle just wanted to stop. Oh well...
When we started to run out of Gas Mike Put Genevieve out on the tube with Josh. They were so cute!
She is a great Mother!
We just pulled them back to shore on the tube.
After talking with some neighbors we went back out into the water.
It was so great. Freezing, but great. :)
AJ, one of my nephews cousins, came out to play. Her and I made great friends. We swam around until my siblings, and Josh came out with us. Then we just splashed and had a great time.
Even the dogs got in on the fun. Chief surprised us all by going out to where I couldn't even reach. He is a great swimmer!

After a bit of swimming, Mike had filled up the boat.
We all drove over to the dock and hopped onto the boat.
It was a bit of a drive but finally, we made it to the CLIFFS!
We went Cliff Jumping!
It was definitely something different then I've ever done.
It was sooo awesome!
I was a bit chicken at first, but we had so much fun.
I can't even describe the rush I got.