Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tomatoes Me No Likey.

I went to hang out with Sylvia.
She had ordered Vegetarian Pizza, and we were going to watch a movie.
I went to pick up the pizza from Domino's and had a nice chat with the worker that got stuck outside advertising with the sign.
He said it wasn't too bad.
I'm happy he enjoyed it (:

When I got back to Sylvia's she had sent Mia, and Milo to bed.
So it was Sylvia, Meg, and I eating and watching a movie.
We sat in that order on the couch, Sylvia, Meg, and then Me.
Once we started eating I noticed there was tomatoes on the pizza!
I don't like Pizza to begin with, so having tomatoes on it just made it extra yucky!

While Sylvia was distracted choosing a movie, and Meg was distracted with... Everything else,
I SECRETLY picked my tomatoes off the piece of pizza in my hand, and quietly put them onto Meg's piece.
Well after clearing my piece of tomatoes I began to eat it.
At the same time I watched to see what Meg would do.
Well, come to find out...
Meg doesn't like tomatoes either!
So she picked off all the tomato I put onto her piece, as well as the pieces already on there, and individually put them into Sylvia's mouth.
I was surprised I could hold in my laughter.

Half way through the movie Meg ended up with my phone.
After calling my friend on speed dial 8 times, she finally found the calendar.
She pressed and pressed buttons until it went to scheduling an event.
She excitedly pressed buttons until it looked like this...

That's when she so excitedly shouted
"Look! I did my name!!!!"
Yeah. I love you Meg.