Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I have been asked to speak in church on Sunday about "Women of Worth".
Apparently the Grandview Ward enjoyed having me with them. I attended Youth Conference, and Girls Camp with the Grandview ward and had a pretty enjoyable time. Last week was girls camp and the theme was "Women of Worth"/"W.O.W." I was called on Tuesday by the Young Womens President asking if I would be willing to speak about it in Church on Sunday. Of course I did not say no. I am more than willing to. I am pretty excited to speak.

Sigh, I miss my home ward sooo much I can't even describe how much I miss being around the youth in my neighborhood. They are wonderful people. But I will be back with them before they know it. If they will accept me back that is.
My siblings are at youth conference with my home ward, and I miss them so much. I bet they are having a blast though. Lucky them.