Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jehovah Witness

I will have another post about today later.
But a quick note...
I walked downstairs to tell my sister I was going to shower. Being myself, I chose to stop and check my email and Facebook real fast. As I sat down to log into my accounts, my youngest sister Emma asked "Uh, Leah were you expected someone to come by?" I replied with no, and wondered why. She then said "Oh, because a tall handsome guy just walked up to the door."
Being in the position I am right now, I was very confused why some guy would be at my house. I walked up the stairs to answer the door and find before me a young Korean girl with a man, around the age of 50. I was very puzzled at Emma's comment as I looked the man over while he told me he was a Jehovah Witness and wondered if I might be interested in hearing a verse from the bible.
Without thinking I said sure, and had a pleasant three minute chat with him. After walking back in the house I couldn't help but laugh at Emma.
We have had a long day together.
The two of us being home alone together is... Lame.
It is only a matter of hours before the other kids return. Wahoo!!