Monday, July 5, 2010

I love...

The boys in my life.
Does that sound bad? Let me explain.
I have these brothers... 9 of them to be precise. And they are... Amazing. I look up to each of them in different ways.

Anthony; Always learning new things. Recently he has explored photography and is doing a great job with it. Whenever Anthony makes a mistake he does what he can to fix it. Anthony is very strong, but has an extremely kind voice. He does tease his kids a lot, but always shows them he really does love each of them. Just this last Sunday he blessed his youngest of now five children, Molly Grace, she is lucky to have Anthony as her father. I love you Anthony.

Jacob; Oh dear. What do I say about Jacob. hahah. Jacob is awesome. This morning I was able to catch him as he crossed the finish line after running the 5K. When Jacob sets his mind to something, he never falls short. Jacob is pretty much a doctor. Even though his answer for everything is "Ice", he has been asked to help teach. Jacob is so brilliant. He knows everything about... Well, everything. All of my brothers are hilarious. But Jacob has got to be on the top of comedy. I love you Jacob.

Hyrum; tough, and mean. The end. ha kidding. I have always looked up to Hyrum. He really has a good understanding for things. Hyrum is a hard worker, and very good with people. He definitely is a boss. One thing I love about him is his laugh. It is just one that puts a smile on your face. He knows how to have fun, but also, when to be serious. Hyrum knows how to take control, and make everything okay. I love having Hyrum around because I know I will be safe, and get a few good laughs. I love you Hyrum.

David; Dave is... definitely something else. haha. David does everything. It seems like he is always doing a different athletic event, and I definitely look up to him for that. He is always on the go. David has one incredible sense of humor. Just spending five minutes with David my stomach can be aching from laughter. He makes Dessert Sunday complete. I wouldn't trade, or change anything about David. He is like an actor that everyone loves everything about... He just hasn't been discovered by Hollywood yet. I love you David.

Michael; Always using a kind voice, knows everything, fun to be around. Michael is so thoughtful. He always includes others. And is very understanding. Michael is one of the most patient men I know. It just makes me smile and wanna hug him, or give him a pat on the back for being so kind and loving toward others. I want to be more patient and loving like he is. He really is a fun person to spend time with. I love you Michael.

Samuel; The best friend, the hero, the one that enjoys messing up my hair the most. When I was stuck in life, Sam was the one to pull me through. He always hung out with me and just has been there for me a ton. Samuel is smart, and could definitely major in English. He treats people really well and is always there to lend a helping hand. Samuel is so supportive, and always up for a new adventure. When I am with Samuel I know he will protect me from anything. I have always trusted him to be right there for me whenever I need him. I love you Samuel.

Bejamin; Thank you for watching over me. I love you Benjamin.

Peter; Tall, funny, and kind. Peter is a manager and is definitely good at what he does. Peter is a very good people person. He has an award winning smile that you can't help but smile back to. He is so funny and is just a crack up when he gets started. Peter does a wonderful job at accomplishing anything he wants. He always dresses presentable. And whenever he happens to ask for a favor, he does it in the kindest way. His voice is very sincere. I love you Peter.

Joshua; Aww. The one and only, my very own, baby brother. He may be taller than me, but I love him like he was just a little boy. I always get the weirdest looks from Joshua, he has the best facial expressions. When Joshua is happy, everyone is happy and laughing. He is such a goof and definitely lightens up my day. Joshua may be a bit goofy, but he is incredibly smart, and really good at sports. I really hope he can play on a team for the rest of his High School years because he is great at focusing on his goals. I love you Joshua.

Daddy-o; Wow. I just love my Dad. He is brilliant. My Dad is always there for each of us kids, weather or not we notice, or think we don't want it, he is always there. My dad has worked out in Salt Lake my entire life. So he hasn't physically been there every day. But I do enjoy the weekends when he is here always wanting to do family activities. My dad is the best at being supportive no matter how far the distance between us may be. His love travels far. I have always enjoyed being in 'Shot gun" when my dad is driving to California. He can always say some sort of fact about anything. My dad is an A+ dad. I love you Daddy-o.