Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Give Me a Break.

Being a photographer I take hundreds, to thousands of pictures WEEKLY.
I had about 500 and something pictures on my memory card when I finally decided I would upload them to the computer. Well come to find out, my computer only likes to be patient when I have no more than 100 pictures on my memory card. So I wasn't able to upload any pictures for a long time. I still have pictures for July 4th, parades, bowling, walks, swimming, Grandma being in town, etc etc. I need to blog about them! But I can't because my computer is silly.

But the good news is... I have a Daddy!... That is super smart. (: He said that he would try to upload the pictures onto his Laptop. So now my dad has about 500 important pictures of mine on his laptop. And guess what! I can't get them onto my computer because my Dad is always working, or busy with something. So be patient my California, Nevada, and Utah friends. I will get those pictures, and stories up as soon as possible!
Hugs and High Fives to all my supportive friends!