Sunday, July 25, 2010

Giggle Queens.

Church was good today. I was a bit late, but I got to sit with Hyrum and his daughter Meg. They are so fun to watch. She is definitely a "daddy's girl."
After church I went on a small hunt for "Pray For Talitha" bands. After walking a block in heels Sylvia, Meg, and I finally got some Large bands. /: I guess that is better than none...
I hurried home to change from a dress to a skirt and then drove back to Sylvia's house to watch New Moon with Mia, while Sylvia made me a "Pink Smoothie." She makes incredible fruit smoothies!
I finished my smoothie right after getting a text from my Dad asking if I would go home so I could be there when Anthony, Missy, and their three kids made it to our house from West Point. When I got home I let Michaels Hamsters roll around in their Toy Balls while I picked up the house a little bit.
Not long after I put the Hamsters back Zoë was right there to give me a hug and tell me about her beautifully curled hair that her Mother did. She told me about her ride to my house, and everything else exciting in her life.
After everyone else got home from their church, Maria and I changed and were ready to leave for a photo shoot with Anthony. We rushed out to get some pictures before dinner and here were the unedited results...

After dinner we went to get a few more pictures taken in the park behind my house. I haven't received those pictures yet, I will post them as soon as I get them!