Friday, July 16, 2010

Four Wheeling?

I think yes.
Today I was invited to go four wheeling with one of my friends, and their family. Thomas is a friend of mine that I met when I started attending church, in the Grandview ward. Thomas was really kind and welcoming to me as we got to know each other on the youth conference Pioneer Trek. Thomas was nice enough to befriend me right away. Today he invited me to go four wheeling with his family. We went over by cascade springs and had a pretty great time. It was definitely a good experience. Thanks Thomas!
After four wheeling, and rushing to work, there was a Relief Society and Young Women hang out night at the Locus Lane chapel. They made watches, ate, learned how to make ice cream, quiet books, and hair clips. There was a lot to do. I loved being able to sit and talk with my good friend Margaret. She is so sweet and has always been so kind to me. What a good day today.