Monday, June 7, 2010

Fake Yummies

There is nothing I like more than to try something new.
I got my license a few weeks after my birthday. As expected I have been asked to pick people up, drop people off, fill up the car, and my favorite, go grocery shopping.
Almost every time I go shopping I take my best friend with me (my younger sister Maria).

While grocery shopping at Walmart we came across Blackberries. Now we know they were not on the list... But the price was great, and they looked delicious!

When we got home it was decided that we would make a Parfe. It consisted of:
1. Strawberry Yogurt
2. Crushed up granola bar
3. Black berries
4. Whipped Cream

When Sam saw us making them he said something like "Aren't Parfes supposed to be healthy... And made of fresh fruit?"
Well... Yeah... He was right. But there was no turning back now.
He still said it tasted good, and my Dad really liked it.

So I guess Fake Parfes aren't too bad!

I think this week we will try Smoothies...