Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camping Queen

My plans for this summer have been as predictable as Utah weather.
I had planned to work on EHS to catch up, and get ahead for school. Well... That hasn't happened...

Case Number 1:
I started attending church with my sister-in-law ylvia every Sunday. The second Sunday I went with her I found out the youth were going on youth conference, the following Tuesday Morning. Them being Mormon and all, invited me to go with. That night I packed. Two days
later I was off, on a Pioneer Trek. We walked for miles each day. I loved it so much. I had never met any of the youth before. But I have to say, I have never been so welcomed by a large group of people in my life. I love this ward. They have been so wonderful to me in the last month I
have been with them. I've made friends with a bunch of the youth and enjoy spending my time with these wonderful young men and women.
Case Number 2:
Two weeks after returning from the incredible Pioneer Trek I was sent off to Girls Camp with my Families Ward and Stake. WOW! I loved it. Girls Camp 2010 has been the best camp experience I have had so far. I enjoyed it very much. Spending time with three of my sisters, and girls in my neighborhood I never get the chance to see was so much fun! Everything was perfect, from making friendship bracelets, to crazy dancing and making up skits. A week well spent. I loved the leaders, and how fun they were. They have done so much for me, as well as other girls. Camp leaders are incredible! One of the activities we had the chance to do was "Hymn Book Signing". Each girl was given a brand new Hymn Book that every young women, and leader could sign their name on their favorite Hymn. Such a good experience. :)